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Mission and Vision

The mission of the Missouri Health Professions Consortium (MHPC) Occupational Therapy Assistant Program is to educate and prepare occupational therapy assistants to provide occupational therapy interventions to the citizens of Missouri and neighboring states, especially those in rural and underserved areas. We educate and prepare generalists, to have the knowledge, skills and professional behaviors that are necessary to work in both traditional and emerging areas of practice.

The MHPC Associate of Applied Science degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant program aligns exceptionally well with the “service region” mission of each of the participating Consortium colleges and the over-all “Land Grant” mission of the University of Missouri, in following ways:

  • Is intended to improve the quality of life of Missourians through teaching, discovery, and service.
  • Is highly collaborative and emphasizes high quality, rigorous instruction.
  • Addresses Missouri’s critical need for occupational therapy assistants in the immediate and long term, and will enhance the health of Missourians by increasing the health workforce and providing education in an area of high demand for traditional and non-traditional students.
  • Is anticipated that the vast majority of this program’s graduates will continue to live and work in the same communities from which they were trained, thereby extending the positive benefits of the program.

The OTA Program’s vision is to be recognized a leader in innovative strategies for occupational therapy assistant education. Through a combination of distance and on-site education opportunities and experiences, we envision a cadre of highly skilled and educated occupational therapy assistants who will serve the citizens of Missouri and neighboring states.


There are four (4) main goals for the Consortium-based cooperative degree completion programs:

  • To expand the supply of licensed Physical Therapist Assistants and Occupational Therapy Assistants who will choose to live and work near their current homes
  • To establish mutually accepted baseline enrollment, retention, graduation and alumni/employer satisfaction rates
  • To expand the cooperative relationships between the clinical health employers and professionals, local community colleges, and the University of Missouri in Columbia
  • To enhance public/private partnerships that contribute to increased accessibility to higher education between the Missouri community colleges and the University of Missouri in Columbia


Over the past 10-15 years, the School of Health Professions at the University of Missouri in Columbia (MU), and specifically the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy programs at MU, have developed a number of clinical and externship sites throughout Missouri, and many of these have involved health care institutions in the vicinity of the member community colleges and surrounding communities. These interactions have resulted in discussions concerning both the labor supply/demand and also the possibility of extending Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant education programs into areas not currently served by Missouri community college taxing districts and voluntary service regions. Feasibility discussions and planning for such programs began in 2006 with conversations between the School of Health Professions at the University of Missouri in Columbia, and several community colleges affiliated with the Missouri Community College Association. After much consideration and conferring between the consortium community and technical college presidents and the Dean of the MU School of Health Professions, the conclusion was that the collaborative delivery of certain two-year associate degree programs through distance education technology to under-served parts of Missouri is a beneficial endeavor for the Missouri community colleges, University of Missouri in Columbia, and for the health-care employers and citizens of the State.

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